Stanford Innovation Studio '21


move fast. break things.

In only 2 weeks, we imagined and built a better future with a group of remarkable students from around the world. From wireless energy, to machines that can transform matter, teams created brilliant prototypes that inspired surprise and delight.

think big. build big.


you can never change the game by playing it safe.
our students asked big questions, and invented bigger solutions.
we invite you to explore their work below.


What if we could teach ourselves with Interactive Projector?

Teleportation Tourists

What if you could experience any place in the world?

4u Technologies

What if the ultimate shopping experience is fully automated?


What if feeding humanity could be massively improved?


What if everything can be reshaped?

Wireless Energy

What if we could transfer energy wirelessly?

Master Maniacs

What if we could share pain, sadness, and happiness?


What if every disease could be cured?