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Quickly after launch, top businesses started to make changes to their production levels.
Shoppers across the country have yet to see the large changes the company plans to bring, but are pleased with results so far.
With pop-culture being more influential and fast than ever before it’s hard for markets to keep up with rises and falls in demands. This leaves many consumers dissatisfied.
The founders of the company have said the following: “4u Technologies will become the pioneers of next-generation business. There’s a clear lack of optimization in our current system. It is our primary goal to perfect the consumer experience”.
Both businesses and consumers benefit. High-ups at Adidas have noted decreases in wastes and costs since using their system, and many shoppers have had positive results.
Tiffany, a university student in the bay area, has noted changes in pop-culture markets. “After new trends hit it’s always hard to get what people want. There’s scalpers and resellers; it’s just a whole mess. It’s been a lot better now though, it seems like companies are able to take note of changes much easier”.
With its implementation, we expect to see it spread rapidly to other businesses and shape the way corporations look at production.
All you need to do is watch it unfold and keep letting the world know what you want to see in the market.

4u Technologies

What if the ultimate shopping experience is fully automated?

Agriculture revolutionized by cellular innovations
With the use of new cellular agriculture production methods, there is no longer a need for massive amounts of land and water to feed the world. 
Prior to this invention, 12B acres of land and 2 quadrillion gallons of water had been devoted solely to agriculture. Crucial ecosystems have been destroyed in feeding the population while much of the world remains hungry. 
“Seeing the problems with food production and distribution, we needed a sustainable solution that works for the growing population while not wreaking havoc upon the environment”, the CEO of the company pioneering these changes, EnviroGrow, relates. 
In thousands of factories throughout the world, billions of tons of food are being produced to feed the global population at a fraction of the cost. In a world increasingly affected by resource scarcity as a result of climate change, this change has been much well-welcomed. 
When asked about the thought of food made in a lab rather than grown traditionally, one customer said that “It feels great knowing how healthy this is for the environment, given how little I have to pay.”
Customers throughout the world have been able to enjoy the nutrient-dense (yet delicious!) food produced in these factories, more affordably. Governments in developing nations through the use of this lab-grown food are working to address nutrition deficiencies in their countries. 
“The future lies in space travel”, a representative from the organization relates. If you want to join EnviroGrow’s effort to make cellular agriculture available to supply humanity’s ventures into the final frontier, visit


What if feeding humanity could be massively improved?

Dancing and playing instruments with an interactive projector to teach yourself according to your level. This interactive projector broadens the path for people who want to learn dance and musical instruments.
With the popularization of the concept of comprehensive quality, learning art has been paid more and more attention. Nevertheless, millions of people around the world miss the opportunity to study the arts because of the lack of educational resources. Interactive Projector can solve this problem in an unprecedented way.
According to the CEO,“Our aim is to increase the proportion in the world who study the arts, so that more people can learn high level fine art at less cost.”
A great many people in towns who previously had no access to the arts learned to dance and play instruments using Interactive Projectors. Beginners also use Interactive Projectors to practice more accurately and efficiently.
A customer in China said,“The interactive projector made it easier to learn new tunes. With self-coaching algorithms in the projector, I can learn a song in multiple steps according to my own situation. Misreading the music score never happened again.”
Consumers throughout the world give this product a favorable reception. Interactive projectors have drastically reduced the cost of learning the arts, having artistic expertise is no longer just for the rich. More attention has been paid to the education in the arts
The precision of the projector will be further improved. Team MM is still working on it to pursue faster response time and more intelligent data processing, joining the effort at


What if we could teach ourselves with Interactive Projector?

Footsteps is the closest thing to walking in other people’s footsteps we have today! With Maniac HQ’s new device–Footsteps–one can attach two small square patches to two people to allow one to feel the other’s emotions or pain.
Today, we have scales from 0-10 for how much pain one is in, and ways to describe what emotions one is feeling, however it is still difficult to envision what one is feeling. It is even harder when we have never felt that way before.
“We were hoping to allow people to feel others' emotions and pain, because you can only imagine so much. It is especially hard to feel what others feel when you may have never felt it. We hope we can allow people to better connect on an empathetic level.” ~CEO
Footsteps allows doctors to complete examinations substantially quicker than they could before, drastically reducing the backlog in American hospitals that have employed their device. Debaters in politics who use Footsteps reportedly change from looking for ways to take each other down to looking for answers to the problems they pose to each other.
“I recall falling apart with a good friend of mine over politics. I knew he also found this all stupid, but neither of us could understand each other. However, one day, I found Maniac’s Footsteps. We rushed to use it, and finally were able to resolve our arguments because we were able to step into each other's shoes. Everyone needs to use this!” ~A customer
“I have been struggling with explaining to my family why I sometimes can not do various physical activities because my ankles get sharp pain, but they don’t believe me. With Footsteps I was able to finally show them how I felt and go to the doctor. Amazing feeling!” ~Another customer
How It’s Being Used: 1-2 sentences describing how your customers… society… the world! are using the changes you created.
Footsteps has seen a great deal of use among veterinarians and doctors to swiftly find issues with animals and humans who may not be able to communicate effectively, which enables them to quickly help and heal patients.
Although Footsteps is a step in the right direction to connecting people on a deep level, Maniac HQ hopes that through Footsteps, all people can connect on a deeper level and walk together, wherever we’re going.

Master Maniacs

What if we could share pain, sadness, and happiness?

MultiVacc Inc. announced the commencement of production for the first multi-vaccination,
provided in a grape
MutliVacc Inc. will start production of the first multi-vaccination as an answer to all viral-diseases. Most surprisingly, vaccination will take place by eating an engineered grape.
13 years ago, more than 5 million people worldwide died from SARS-CoV-2. 6 years ago, an aggressive form of pox, although considered extinct since 1980, started spreading killing more than 12 million people worldwide. 
The CEO of MultiVacc Inc. issued the following statement: “The effort of years finally paid off: We were able to produce the first multi-vaccination which provides the ultimate protection against all viral diseases. More amazing, there is no injection needed, just have this one delicious grape”.
MultiVacc Inc. killed two birds with one stone: They did not only invent a revolutionary vaccination as the answer to multiple severe diseases. They also started a medium which would make people afraid of injections more comfortable.
We walked through the city of London asking people about this product: “I think it is amazing, no more lockdowns, no more suffering, everything solved by eating one grape. I hope no problems would occur if I eat two of them”.
It is really just like the person said. You will just have to buy this specific grape and eat it. After 5 days, you will have full protection against all viral diseases.
The first vaccination grape will be available in all pharmacies by the end of this October. Let's make this world a better place again.


What if every disease could be cured?

Reshaping your old car, phone or computer into the newest model in a click of a button. You’re going to throw away your old devices and get something new? That’s so 2020! ShapeShift introduces a small, compact technology to upgrade your devices at home using exciting new technology.
Millions of old phones, computers and other devices used to be thrown away each year. These built up in landfill and cause major problems 
“[We] have reached our recycling capacity and it was time to move on from that to reshaping things we already have,” “we strived to make a product that was compact, effective and accessible, and we have done just that,” the CEO of ShapeShift states, on the goals of the company. 
Now with less waste going to landfills and that waste being burnt or buried, pollution is clearing from these areas and wildlife are making a comeback. People are able to get the latest and greatest technology within seconds!
A trial group was interviewed and one customer said “it’s great! I can now update my home so easily and when I need to.” 
Many households, companies and individuals are benefitting from the ShapeShift model and you can too!
ShapeShift is creating a future from the present. To find out more information on ShapeShift and where you can purchase your own model head to


What if everything can be reshaped?

New teleporter sweeps through the transportation market.
Are you ready to experience the new frontier of travel? Then look no further to a new invention - a teleporter. We at the teleportation tourists created a method of travel that is instant and takes away the pain of actually travelling.
Millions of people every year used to spend a multitude of hours worrying about Visas, missing their flights and other various issues. Now with our new technology these problems will never happen again.
“[We] created a vision for the future that allows people to immediately act upon their curiosities and embark on journeys that they never could have done before without significant preparation and stress.” the CEO of Teleportation Tourists states, on the effects of the teleporter. 
In addition, with less air pollution coming from planes and other modes of transport, our world will be cleaner and more productive. People will never have to stress about running late or never getting a chance to go to the place of their dreams.
A trial group was interviewed and one customer said “It’s amazing! I can now go anywhere I please at the push of a button!” 
Many households, companies and individuals are benefitting from the teleporter  and you can too!
Teleportation Tourists are creating a future from the present. To find out more information on Teleportation Tourists and where you can purchase your own teleporter head to

Teleportation Tourists

What if you could experience any place in the world?

The path is cleared to a wireless, cleaner future. 
This new energy system is powered entirely by solar energy and uses energy beaming rather than wires, which means cleaner energy and less wire clutter.
Before the implementation of this system there were millions of miles of power lines, which caused 8% of wildfires. There were also over 3700 power plants, with the burning of fossil fuels being the leading cause of pollution.
According to the CEO, “The goal was to rethink and revolutionize how energy is collected, used, and thought of, for a more beautiful, more sustainable Earth.”
The quest for 100% sustainable energy has gone on for decades, and it is finally here, powering cars, trucks, trains, and even construction equipment—all without a drop of gasoline. The threat of a blackout due to a downed power line is gone, meaning natural disaster recovery won’t have to include restoring energy systems.
A customer in Miami said, “Thanks to this new system, even my old iPhone 13 never dies, and I can stop worrying about needing cords to charge it.”
The world hasn’t changed how it functions, it’s changed how its functioning impacts the environment and in turn, the future.
The creators aren’t done yet; they’re hoping to further their positive impact by finding the solution to pollution, join the effort at

Wireless Energy

What if we could transfer energy wirelessly?